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Invo offers incredible opportunities for related services professionals around the country.

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Our experience in providing related services professionals with rewarding careers is unmatched. Our nearly 30 years of expertise in related services has helped us create a career experience that was designed by Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists. Over the years, we have helped launch the careers of thousands of professionals who have changed the lives of countless children.

Our model for success includes support at every level. We have Clinical Leaders from each discipline to support your journey, as well as human resources, career services and client services team members who are here to ensure your success. We have a keen understanding of both the triumphs and challenges of providing related services in schools and communities, which is why we are uniquely poised to provide enriching, fulfilling career opportunities.

What to expect working at Invo as a speech-language therapist

Speech-Language Pathologists provide our clients with assessments to help identify the type of communication disorder and the best way to treat it. With early intervention, speech therapy can improve communication and boost self-confidence for early learners. This could mean being placed in a classroom or small group, or one-on-one, depending on the speech disorder. Speech therapy exercises and activities vary depending on our client's age and needs.

During speech therapy for children, an Invo SLP might offer any of the following:

  • Interact through talking and playing, and using books, pictures other objects as part of language intervention to help stimulate language development
  • Model correct sounds and syllables for a child during age-appropriate play to teach the child how to make certain sounds
  • Provide strategies and homework for the child and parent or caregiver on how to do speech therapy at home

Invo School-based SLPs

  • Work with students from pre-k to high school, including evaluation and treatment in small group settings
  • Work on full range of communication disorders including language, articulation, hearing, AAC and fluency

  • Research supports that SLP's contribute significantly to the literacy achievement of students with communication disorders

  • Make vital contributions to ensure that all students receive quality, culturally competent services

What to expect working at Invo as an occupational therapist

Occupational therapy enables people of all ages to participate in daily living. For children with autism, this may mean offering services conveniently in a home or school setting which provide individualized services to meet the specific needs of the child and family.

Invo occupational therapists typically provide the following for clients:

  • A customized evaluation tailored to individual needs, history, life experiences, and interests. Considered an occupational profile to better understand the individual values and activities that are important to our families and learned during the initial conversations.
  • An intervention plan to help improve the ability to perform daily activities and reach individual goals.
  • An outcomes evaluation to make sure that our client goals are being met.

Invo OTs may also provide recommendations such as daily living activities, (e.g. bathing, dressing, and eating) to make the most of daily routines, adaptive equipment or equipment to make daily tasks easier, caregiver and family training, techniques to aid in memory, concentration, and executive functioning, and home safety and accessibility.

Our Collective Why

  • We are at the forefront helping children reach their fullest communication potential

  • Make a real difference in the lives of children, teachers and families

  • We love seeing results in the kids, whether that's in articulation, or language or social communication!

Everything You Need for Success

With decades of experience in related services, Invo has developed comprehensive employee experiences that support team members both personally and professionally. Plus, when you join the Invo team, you join a nationwide network comprised of the top talent in Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.

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