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Achieving Milestones

We believe every child deserves to reach their fullest potential.

Invo is one of the largest and most comprehensive providers of applied behavior analysis services for children with autism and other developmental delays. We provide individualized, evidence-based services in our centers and in homes, based on your child's needs. Our team works to empower children and their families, giving each child the tools, resources and support they need to shine their brightest.

We Help Children Shine

Invo is invested in each family's success.

At Invo, our team sets a higher standard in ABA services. From providing our behavior teams with superior training to leveraging innovation in our service delivery model, we work hard to make sure our children are making meaningful, measurable progress toward their goals.

Support Every Step of the Way

Families interested in receiving ABA services will be connected with a devoted Family Services Coordinator, who will partner with your family as you get ready to start services. The Family Services Coordinator will speak with you and get a better understanding of your child's needs and diagnosis, answering any questions you may have initially. In addition to confirming your child's diagnosis and insurance, our team will give you a comprehensive understanding of our ABA model. You will be provided with the necessary paperwork electronically to complete, while our team completes your insurance verification. Our experienced team is available to provide support and answer any questions.

Partnering in Your Child's Success 

Once your paperwork is completed and your insurance is verified and reviewed with you, your family will receive a Virtual Parent Orientation from your Family Services Coordinator, who will review with you key policies and requirements. They will work with you to schedule a tour of one of our centers, providing there is one close to your home.

We will submit an authorization for a initial assessment to your insurance. Once we receive the authorization back, we will work with your family to schedule an assessment with one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Once your assessment is complete, your Family Services Coordinator will introduce you to our Client Services Team and take you through a customized Care Plan for your child.

Positive Outcomes for the Whole Family

Once your insurance approves the ongoing authorization for services, your Board Certified Behavior Analyst will schedule direct sessions with you and your family for parent coaching and education, as well as 1:1 therapy sessions. Our Client Services and Staffing team will match your family with a care team designed to meet your family's specific needs.

A Kickoff meeting will be scheduled with your family, BCBA and RBTs. At the meeting, your team will review your Care Plan, policies and procedures and gain final agreement on our shared pathway to progress with your child. Following your kickoff meeting, ongoing services will begin. The first several sessions will include both the BCBA and RBT present to ensure services are off to a successful start.

Want to tour one of our centers?  Contact our Family Services team and they can arrange for your family to tour one of our center locations!

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior. How behavior works, how behavior is affected by the environment and how learning takes place. ABA therapy applies our understanding of how behavior works to real situations with a goal of increasing helpful behaviors that promote independence and decreasing those that may be harmful.

ABA Therapy can help children

    • Increased language and communication skills
    • Improve attention, focus, social skills and academics
    • Decrease potentially harmful behaviors

Empowering Parents 

At Invo, we take great pride in partnering with parents, caregivers and siblings on their journey. Each family plays an integral role in a child's success and our team is there to support our families every step of the way. Your assigned BCBA will work one on one with your family to ensure you have the support, coaching and resources you need to support and reinforce your child's progress continuously. Just as we work with your child, we will work with your family to teach you strategies and techniques to drive progress, navigate new situations and transitions and promote greater independence for your child.<

Your Pathway to Progress

One of the many things that makes Invo a unique partner for children and families with autism is our unparalleled commitment to driving positive outcomes for children faster. Our expert clinical leadership team has produced a number of proprietary service delivery and data measurement tools designed to support superior outcomes while providing parents and caregivers improved, consistent insight into their child's progress and anticipated graduation from services.

As a partner in your child's care, our goal is to consistently reduce the hours a child spends in therapy by helping them build vital life skills, increase independence and shine!

Translation services available.
If your family is in need of translation services, please let us know.

Services Offered

a person and a child playing with toys on the floor

ABA Therapy

Invo is the leading provider of ABA therapy services for children with autism and other developmental delays. Our expertise in providing evidence-based, outcomes focused ABA services is unmatched.

a woman and a boy playing with blocks on the floor


iSHINE is Invo's specialized program for children with autism who are five and under to support a child's successful transition into the school setting. This incredible program builds social, educational and independence skills while our littlest learners have fun!
a woman and a child sitting on a couch

Social Groups 

Social Groups are designed to strengthen the social interaction and communication skills of children of all ages. Our social groups bring children and adolescents together to intentionally interact, learn and grow among their peers.

a person and two children playing with toys on the floor

Life Skills

It is important that your child develops or expands their essential life skills as they learn and grow. As children work toward their goals, they are skill building in key areas such as hygiene, overall health and wellness, an independence. These skills can be developed at home, or in our centers that are equipped with Life Skills room, where children can learn to set a table, make a bed, fold clothes and more!

a woman and a boy playing with building blocks


Using the restroom independently is a critical life skill. Our trained team works with families on potty training at all ages, using ABA strategies to find the most successful approach to supporting your child's acquisition of toileting skills. Children will learn to recognize when they need to use the toilet, manage the entire bathroom procedure including hand washing and ultimately generalize these skills to bathrooms in different environments.

a person and two children eating at a table

Feeding Programs

Eating can be challenging for many children and families. Our intensive behavioral feeding program is designed for children with limited eating habits and/or children who demonstrate problematic behaviors when presented with unfamiliar foods.


Coverage for ABA Services

Invo Healthcare accepts most commercial insurance, as well as Medicaid and TRICARE in most states where we provide services. Our Family Services Team will be able to verify your insurance coverage and provide you with information regarding your responsibility.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare
Peach Care for Kids

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Center Locations and Service Areas 

The Invo Family of Companies takes great pride in providing the best quality ABA services in homes and centers.