Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Your Students

Innovative, Effective Solutions Designed for Schools

Districts around the country have chosen Invo as their partner to meet the mental health needs of their students.  

The Changing Landscape 

The need for schools to provide quality mental health support for students has only become greater over the past several years. Districts around the country are facing a whole new set of challenges in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Few school partners can match Invo's experience in providing mental health solutions for schools. From individual intensive behavioral classrooms to customized wrap-around programs such as our IMPACT program, we are uniquely poised to support schools in addressing their mental health needs.

Addressing Your School's Mental Health Needs 

Districts around the country are being faced with an unprecedented increase in the number of students being referred for mental health support. The impact of this reaches far and wide across school systems, putting strains on both resources and retention, as schools work to navigate challenging and ever changing landscape.

We leverage our extensive expertise in mental health services in schools, as well as our proprietary recruiting resources to provide schools with right combination of services to meet their schools needs. From full programmatic solutions to individualized resources to complement and collaborate with existing teams.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts
Mental Health Counselors
Clinical Social Workers
Marriage and Family Counselors
School Psychologists