Exceptional Careers in behavior therapy and special education services.
Our team is dedicated to driving positives outcomes for children and delivering a rewarding career experience to therapist.

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Launch your Career

We excel in helping you explore new opportunities to help you advance your career — jobs that differ in all the right ways from your current or previous employment.

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Make a Difference
We’re committed to nurturing and inspiring growth for all learners. Be part of the team that’s leading the way in driving positive outcomes for students with special needs.
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Refer a Friend

Making a referral is fast, easy, and profitable! Earn up to $1,500 for every successful school-based referral you make. Refer as many colleagues as you like — there's no limit!

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Behavioral Health Jobs

Exceptional Outcomes for Children, Exceptional Careers in Therapy

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of countless children or young adults, we can help. We have a wide range of behavioral health jobs that provide critical support in educational environments. These are more than health care jobs — they’re the chance to become someone who makes a difference in your community.

We have extensive experience connecting qualified professionals to positions that match their skill sets — and offer lasting, rewarding behavioral health careers. We are committed to providing opportunities for success through quality therapy positions and satisfying careers that best fit the needs, interests and expertise of therapists. Our growing community of clinicians and special education professionals enjoy:

  • Employee and independent contractor placement options
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Robust benefits for employees
  • Unparalleled professional development
  • Regional clinical support and guidance
  • Leadership rooted in therapy and education
  • Nationwide opportunities and more!

Joining the Invo-Progressus family means you can be certain of finding behavioral therapist jobs and other related positions that are best suited to you. We know exactly what it takes to place you exactly where you are needed the most. In addition, we provide the attractive compensation you deserve as well as professional development opportunities. Whether you’re experienced or just getting started in your career, turn to us to put your skills and expertise to their best use.

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Improving the Lives of Children

Today, Invo-Progressus has an incredible team of over 1200 highly qualified professionals who work with family and school communities to improve the outcomes of children with special needs – not just in school or home, but also for life.

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Life is Short. Work Somewhere Awesome.

Our clinicians gain much more than a job — they enjoy an experience filled with knowledgeable leaders, helpful resources and unmatched career guidance.

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