Our Culture

At Invo Healthcare, we share a common goal and are committed to empowering all children to shine their brightest, throughout their lives. As one of the largest and most comprehensive providers of ABA, mental health, and related therapy services, we support students and school professionals by equipping them with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to develop improved skills and achieve their goals.

Professionals around the nation have made Invo part of their career journey because of our commitment to quality, ethics and outcomes.  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Invo, we're committed to building teams where each individual is recognized for their unique experience and contributions. As an equal opportunity employer, a diverse workforce that is reflective of the diverse client base we serve is vitally important. We take pride in an Invo Nation that celebrates a broad range of talent, experiences and expertise and perspectives. We foster a collaborative and inclusive culture where our employees are encouraged to share ideas with one another and supported by team members.

Together, we celebrate what makes each person special as we work together to face some of the challenges families, school districts and payors face within our field. Join us and you'll be part of a culture that prizes innovation, creativity and works with uncompromising integrity.


Along with attending national conferences, university events, and career fairs, Invo has strong academic program partnerships with more than 60 school districts nationwide serving students and families from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. Our clinical leaders and professional staff are accredited with our BHCOE partner as part of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.® We partner with national organizations tailored for individuals with speech, behavioral delays or other developmental disabilities such as American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) conferences. Learn more about how we engage with partners to ensure that our people, company, clients and communities flourish.

Our Invo Nation is….​

  • Diverse and inclusive

  • Intentionally collaborative

  • Supportive and focused on professional growth

  • Comprised some of the most talented professionals in the fields ofSpeech-Language Pathology​, Applied Behavior Analysis​, Mental and Behavioral Health , Special Education​, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy

University Partnerships

College students are the leaders of tomorrow. As an organization, we take pride in supporting and nurturing the development of emerging professionals through our work. Some of the ways we support students include:

  • Providing enriching clinical fellowships, supervision and mentoring for graduating students
  • Hosting summer mentorship programs inclusive of university students from diverse populations and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • National university recruitment initiatives embracing women and students of color pursuing behavioral health careers.
  • Offer career launch and training programs in varying behavioral health areas helping to foster gender equality in leadership roles

Diversity in Recruiting

Our recruiters take action to bring diversity to our workforce by:

  • Leveraging online resources to seek out the best talent to join our team and sourcing top candidates from widely diverse job boards.
  • Working with community partnerships and school programs that support students and children (ages 0-21) with autism or other developmental disabilities.
  • Integrating professional training programs across a range of ages, skills-sets and backgrounds for working on diverse multidisciplinary teams.

Our culture brings us together as one Invo Nation 

We are educators, visionaries, clinical leaders, behavior therapists, technicians, relationship builders, and storytellers helping making a difference in the lives of children and their families.

What do you look forward to everyday working with Invo?

What I like about working for Invo is the diversity of work experiences I have throughout the week. There is a great balance of independent working out in the field and in-center. I really appreciate the work I do in the center because it gives me a chance to develop working relationships with my coworkers, staff, and leadership members. Having a social component of my job is valuable to me and I think it plays a strong role in reducing burn out which would otherwise be more prevalent without centers.

- Ryan, MLC

Share one way that you feel supported by your team members or Invo.

I have felt supported every step of the way during my training process. I have a great relationship with my team, and they help with any issue big or small. Many people in all facets of the company have scheduled time to meet with me and answer any questions I have about the company.

- Cailey, Autism Relationship Specialist

What do you look forward to everyday working with Invo?

I enjoy working with the children I interact with each day. I love to see the lightbulb moment of them gaining insight or learning a new coping skill.

- Stephanie, IMPACT Counselor

Share one way that you feel supported by your team members or Invo.

I feel supported in the ways that my fellow team members are always willing to lend a hand in giving advice during tough moments. I also think that the priority my center places on team building gives us all a sense of mutual support, because we all value the support we are able to give and receive from one another.

- Abby, RBT