School-Based Applied Behavior Analysis 

Transforming Behavior Through Evidence-Based Practice

Invo Healthcare has experience providing ABA services in all settings, including schools, home and centers.

School-based ABA Programs

Applied Behavior Analysis services are the leading service for children with autism spectrum disorder. But beyond ASD, behavior analysis is being used by school districts to support children with behavioral challenges stemming from other diagnoses as well as emotional trauma. Invo's extensive experience in ABA has allowed us to provide full programmatic support to school partners for students with ASD, as well as develop behavior programs for students who do not have an ASD diagnosis but need more intensive behavioral support in school.

Comprehensive Support to 
Meet Your Students' Needs

Invo delivers unparalleled services for our district partners in the comprehensive support and treatment of children with a variety of behavioral health needs. Collaboration with teachers, school staff, and parents are central to our school-based ABA services. We have helped the students we serve acquire and effectively apply adaptive behaviors that are necessary to function in a school setting and beyond. Our programs have a significant direct positive impact on each student's academic performance and the performance of the classroom as a whole.

Invo Behavior Support Teams help support the more intensive student needs and delivered as a 1:1 service model or in small groups. Teams consist of various combinations of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA), Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) and Behavior Technicians (BTs). The BCBAs will be responsible for the assessment, treatment planning, and ongoing case management process as well as directly supervising and supporting RBTs. RBTs will deliver the therapies, consistent with the recommendations and training of their BCBAs, and may be assigned to individual students, multiple students in a classroom or across multiple classrooms, or even across multiple schools with proper scheduling. The clinicians can be flexible in responding to cases and locations as the school and district needs evolve or change.

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