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Magellan Healthcare and Invo Healthcare Announce Value-Based Care Collaboration

Focused on Improved Autism Outcomes

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Our Expertise
Delivering professionals who provide children with the best possible services is our greatest priority. Our team excels in placing therapists who are invested partners in each child’s success.
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Partner with Us
We help you make a difference — improving related services, enhancing cost-effectiveness and compliance and, most importantly, changing the lives of children.
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Student Outcomes
Clinicians placed by Invo-Progressus have demonstrated track records of delivering improved student outcomes through tailored strategies, metrics and excellence in execution.
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Exceptional School-Based & Early Intervention Professionals

As the nation's leading comprehensive behavioral health and special education organization, we specialize in school-based and early intervention placement services. We are a strategic partner committed to driving positive student outcomes, implementing sustainable best practices and delivering exceptional aid through a team of talented service providers.

Our team members provide comprehensive behavioral services. Through us, educators can find therapists and counselors who deliver comprehensive behavioral support to the learners who need it the most. When they partner with us, schools will gain highly skilled teachers, therapists, nurses, social workers and other professionals dedicated to doing their best for the infants, toddlers and children in their care. With our experience in placing specialists in early intervention and educational settings, we stand as one of the leading behavioral health organizations in the sector today. Some of the many advantages we offer include:

  • 25+ years in school-based and early intervention services
  • 1200+ highly qualified and licensed SLPs, OTs,  PTs, Behavioral Health Professionals, Special Education Teachers, Nurses and Social Workers
  • 500+ school district and community partners across the country
  • More than than 250,000 children supported

For those pursuing a career in the field of comprehensive behavioral health, we offer an ideal opportunity to achieve their goals. As a behavioral health company with unmatched connections and support systems, we enable dedicated professionals to find positions that meet their specific skill sets. It’s no wonder that so many in this field are choosing us as their partner in an enormously important and gratifying profession. When you join us in this work, you’ll help shape the lives of countless children and young adults for the better. Through employment with Invo-Progressus, you can be certain that your talents will be put to their best possible use.

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Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services

Over the past 20 years, the number of children enrolled in special education in the U.S. has grown exponentially. With decreasing budgets and increasing obligations, Districts and charters benefit from partnering with Invo-Progressus for exceptional special education professionals.

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Improving the Lives of Children

Today, Invo-Progressus has an incredible team of over 1200 highly qualified professionals who work with family and school communities to improve the outcomes of children with special needs – not just in school or home, but also for life.

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