Invo's Integrated Multidisciplinary Program to
Address Childhood Trauma 

An Innovate Mental and Behavioral Health Program for Students


Invo's Integrated Multidisciplinary Program to Address Childhood Trauma (IMPACT) is one of the nation's most innovative school-based programs to support the mental health of students while addressing key behavioral challenges. Learn more about how IMPACT is transforming schools and changing the lives of students around the country.



IMPACT is Invo's Multidisciplinary Program to Address Childhood Trauma. Every district around the country is faced with the growing need to support their teachers and administrators with the appropriate resources to address high-needs, at-risk youth. Beyond significantly higher drop out rates, these students experience much higher rates of violence, chronic health conditions, drug and alcohol abuse and early death.

Through our revolutionary IMPACT model, we are partnering with elementary, middle and high schools to implement support service delivery programs for referred youth. IMPACT assembles dynamic, professional teams to assess and treat significant mental and behavioral health issues.

We provide individual-focused, wrap-around behavior and mental health services that drive:

  • Significant decrease in behavior incidents
  • Flexibility in program design to service youth in school, community and home
  • Meaningful improvements in the youth's outcomes
  • Provided at no-cost to the youth or the family
  • Outcomes Validated by Clemson University's Center for Behavior Analysis, a Research 1 University


IMPACT is Invo's one-of-a-kind program to provide districts with tangible, measurable outcomes for students with intensive behavioral issues. By providing wrap-around, collaborative services we are able to surround the student and the school with the resources needed to significantly reduce problematic behavior while meaningfully improve student performance.
Rooted in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
Data collection central to ABA
Outcomes validated by Clemson University
Mutlidisciplinary, collaborative approach
Full Student team - District, School, Family

The Lasting IMPACT of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)