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Helping infants and toddlers learn and grow where they are most comfortable.

Children learn best in the environments that they live and play in. Services delivered at home provide children and families with a safe, comfortable environment to learn in, while helping them achieve goals and build skill sets that are applicable to everyday life. At Invo-Progressus, we strive to provide early intervention services in the natural environment, which may include the child’s home, daycare, playgroup or all of the above.

Invo-Progressus’ EI services partner families with talented, committed early intervention specialists who will help the entire family achieve greater outcomes through early intervention services. Our clinicians help caregivers apply tools and techniques that will create an environment of continual learning for the child, ensuring that skills are being developed beyond therapy throughout the day.

The services we provide are family centered, developmentally supportive and promote children's social and productive participation in their household or peer environment. Additionally, these services can play a pivotal part in a child’s preparedness to enter school, oftentimes serving to either eliminate or reduce the child’s need for services in school.