Part 1: Parent’s Guide – The ABC’s for Surviving the Hectic Holidays

Dec 7, 2015, 12:02 PM


Part 1: Parent's Guide 

Does anyone else feel as if you just took down your holiday decorations from 2014, like just last week?  I actually think our Rubbermaid box of lights never even made it to our attic this year.  I am sure I have tripped over it since last year in the playroom.  Oh I digress!  But yes.  It is true…the end of 2015 has approached and the hectic holidays are indeed here, even before you have fully digested your turkey and stuffing.  So take a few moments to browse the following tips that may assist in making the holiday season less hectic when managing your children, your job, and all the little bits and pieces of life that pop up each and every day!


Accept that you may get a little less sleep during the next few weeks while you are up later looking for the best deals for gifts online.  One of the sites I always check out is called For the Momma’s.  It helps locate all the best deals that you may need!  You may also want to invest in some quality java!  Starbucks keeps me wide-awake for the entire month of December!

B is for BALANCE:

Hee hee hee hee!  I LOL.  Balance?  How could this be at all possible?  The holidays are so busy that it seems quite impossible to create balance.  But one suggestion to keep the kids in check is to keep a (relatively) balanced diet.  I think my two boys have eaten their fair share of chips these last few days, so to avoid this, I force myself to sit down on Sunday night and write down a meal plan for the week.  I am much less inclined to pick up a quick order of Mickey D’s if the meals are planned ahead of time. Here is a link to help make healthy eating fun during the holidays!


If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you may need to clearly communicate for your child.  Not everyone is familiar with how some children may react to new situations.  For example, explaining to Santa before your son sits upon his lap that he has Autism and does not like loud sounds, so if you could avoid being too loud during the visit it would very helpful.  It is better to be clear.  This helps set expectations and ensures your best outcomes for holiday fun.

D is for DOWN-TIME:

Take a breather.  It is OK.  I for one am not very good at taking a brief moment to even sit.  I know if I stop, I may not start again, and I have a laundry list of items to finish before I hit the pillow.  But, really…try not to feel guilty.  You deserve a second, even if it is just for a quick cup of herbal tea.  To avoid getting sucked into the couch for too long, time yourself by listening to one song before you get back to your duties.

E is for EXERCISE:

Keep the kids active.  Being out of their school routine over the winter break is tough.  For those who work hard in their PT programs, it is essential to keep the flow of movement going.  Take a walk.  Go to the Mall and take the steps instead of the elevator.  Maybe the steps take a bit longer, but the rewards are far greater!  For the very active little ones who need to burn off all that extra energy (that I wish I had), try a trampoline park (which are almost always featured on Groupon for a discount rate!!!).

F is for FUN!

The holidays are not supposed to be more stressful than fun.  Sometimes we get so involved in planning that we do not stop to actually partake in the fun. And before ya know it, the fun is done! Get down on the floor and play with your kids.  Act out a Batman & Joker scene with your son or an Elsa and Anna scene with your daughter.  What a great opportunity to support expressive language production in a creative and enjoyable way.  Let’s face it…play is fun at any age!  Share a game of Super Mario Maker with your kids.  Have them explain what to do-yet another expressive language opportunity!  Let your inner kid out to play!


Stay tuned for more tips!



Many Thanks for Reading!
Meghan Dreyfus, MA CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Invo HealthCare Associates Therapeutic Consultant